Dra åt skogen &
Skoj på hoj är
mycket populära.
Umeå OK ligger
i Sverige-toppen,
när det gäller att
sälja kartpaket med sommarkontroller.

Denna sommar
finns fyra alternativ
Skoj på hoj, Umeå
Dra åt skogen, Umeå
Gång på gång

Så här går det till
Tips innan starten
Leverans till dörren
Detta kan du vinna
Några kartklipp
Som sagt var

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A map, a card with control points and a pen is all you need to take part in ”Skoj på hoj” and ”Dra åt skogen”.

You will find everything – except the pen – among the maps from Umeå OK. A compass in your hand is also recommended – especially when you walk (or run) in the forest.

The control points are located in the middle of the red rings on the map. They are marked with a red and white metal plate – some of the plates have also a blue ribbon, to help colorblinded people.

The coloured metal plate at the control point is not hidden.
We have in fact placed them high up, not to be stolen!

Despite that, some of the control points use to disappear during the summer :-(
If that happens you have a phone number to call on the card with control points.

You can even communicate by e-mail:

Whatever you prefer – biking, running or walking – we wish you good luck in the surroundings! And who knows – perhaps you are the winner of a new bike when the season has ended!

Umeå OK

Skoj på hoj Dra åt skogen, Skoj på hoj