Dra åt skogen &
Skoj på hoj är
mycket populära.
Umeå OK ligger
i Sverige-toppen,
när det gäller att
sälja kartpaket med sommarkontroller.

Denna sommar
finns fyra alternativ
Skoj på hoj, Umeå
Dra åt skogen, Umeå
Gång på gång

Så här går det till
Tips innan starten
Leverans till dörren
Detta kan du vinna
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Ride the bike and have a perfect summer in the summer!
Of course you cann also take a walk – if not a run – in the forests nearby Umeå.

Thanks to Umeå Orienteering Club you can choose between:
• cycle maps (130 SEK)
• high quality forest maps (130 SEK)
• city map (90 SEK)

Biking. This year we have tre maps with a total of 50 control points – in swedish we call it "Skoj på hoj"!
• West parts of the city
• East parts of the city
• Ersboda and Ersmark

Forest. With a map in your hand you can visit a lot of control points nearby Umeå. This year we have maps over the forests not far from Röbäck and Carlshem – in swedish we call it "Dra åt skogen"!

City walk. With a map over the central parts of Umeå you will this year visit 20 public artworks with a small photo and a short text in your hand. Keep on walking with "Gång på gång" (as we say in swedish).

Good to know. Here you can find more information.

Here you can buy the maps called "Skoj på hoj & Dra åt skogen" in Swedish.
Note hat the city walk-package only is sold at the tourist office, Renmarkstorget.

You can also buy all the maps by sending an e-mail to:

It is – as you see – orienteering whenever you want at your own speed.

And who knows – in late October you can be a lucky winner of a new bike!

Good Luck!

Umeå Orienteringsklubb

Skoj på hoj Dra åt skogen, Skoj på hoj